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Professor Li XianFeng

born in 1963, graduate instructors
Incumbent Changzhou University, Associate Dean of Arts;
National one hundred outstanding interior architect;
Senior Interior Architect .
Chinese Sculpture Art Committee members;
China Ceramic Art Association;
China Institute of Interior Design Branch of the twentieth Professional Committee secretary.
1984 admitted to the Nanjing Arts Institute of Design.
2001 graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris, France Seminar on Multimedia and carving.
2002 Korea University visiting scholar.

Works and honors:
Published five books, international journals, national core journals published many papers design theory.
Art works by UNESCO awarded the Excellence Award (the highest award) , a national gold medal, prize works 4, Excellence Award three.
Works in Korea Icheon Museum of Art, Art Museum of China, Nanjing Arts Institute , Beijing "Lotto Art Center", etc. Collection.