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Landscape Design

Landscape design Major involves in a wide range of knowledge, it includes literature, art, biology, ecology, engineering, construction, and many other areas, at the same time, it asks for a comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge to unity in garden art. So, landscape design is a discipline to study how to use art and technology dealing with the complex relationship between nature, architecture and human activity, and to achieve the perfect harmony, good ecological, picturesque scenery of the state.

This professional is to train talents who will develop morally, intellectually and physically, with a system of landscape science theories, basic knowledge and practical skills, and have a certain theoretical research, applied research, technology development and management capabilities, able to adapt to the botanical garden scientific, economic, society and the need of city construction and development of landscape science and applied. Graduates can engage landscape and garden application research, technology development, production technology and management in urban planning, urban construction, gardens, scenic spots, tourism, forestry, environmental protection department and industrial enterprises.